Hello all and welcome to “Waiting For Mitzi”, the title says it all. I feel like I have always been waiting on the “perfect” conditions or timing to do the things I truly love or have a passion about. Out of necessity and frustration, this woman decided it was time to shake things up a bit and start living!

In an industry that thrives on perfection, I have always been waiting to have the “perfect” house to have a party, waiting on the “perfect” husband to build the picture frame family, the “perfect” children to go in that family photo frame, the “perfect” body to wear the clothes I adored…well, guess what? ” Perfect” never happened and never will…but LIFE is what happened and it was time to embrace the adventure.

Join me in my journey through design, fashion, cuisine and culture and everything in between. We are destined to learn a few things along the way and have a lot of laughs.

Thank you for being a part of my life and helping to write my story!

Love & Light,