Don’t be a “Pansy”

Don’t be a “Pansy”

It’s that time of year when the weather has little breeze and the coffee turns to flavors of pumpkin and spices. It is by far my favorite time of the year and so many ideas for decorating! My mind is already turning with thoughts of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas…A little design inspiration for the next few months is what I had in mind, ideas to capture the spirit of the season and delight our need for comfort and coziness in our home.

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Mums & Pumpkins:

This is one of the easiest fixes to decorate any outside area, perfect for front porch containers, steps, walkways, window boxes and so much more! A few colorful potted mums in decorative containers, add some cabbage or kale and stack some alternating size pumpkins or gourds for a bountiful harvest creation. Pumpkins can also serve as your containers, scoop out the inside and cut the top off and “voila” instant container…now you gave birth to a ” Mumkin” .

Pansies & Violas:

I love a pansy…except when it comes to any man in my life 🙂 they are easy to maintain, give you such great color to decorate with and are inexpensive. Yellow, purple, red…whatever your flavor, they are sure to give a little happiness to your arrangement.

Think outside the window box:

I love window boxes, and there are so many low maintenance options available now. Copper is always a rich look that with weather and give you a great patina over time. Black planters and window boxes are always a classic option. Kale, pansies and viola are great window box fillers add in some cascading english ivy or some miniature spruce trees and you have a delightful mix of heights, textures and color. This can carry you well into the Christmas holiday, violas will bloom longer than pansies and will hold their color longer. Thriller, Filler, Spiller: That’s what Southern Living calls it! This arrangement is like opening up the pandoras box of greenery! In this type of arrangement you want to start with some evergreen and ivy. Evergreen will hold its shape and color and give you the height to balance any entrance or doorway. The ivy should cascade and overflow around the arrangement, fill all other space with pansies and viola, some white kale and you have a spectacular array worthy of any southern porch.


Classic for any home! elegant and easy to maintain. Just a little trim and water and you are a master gardner on this one. Use a container with classic appeal and contrast in color to make this stand alone have a bit more character. Feel free to send me any photos of arrangements you have created! I get inspired by all of you. Have a blessed a happy day,

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Shake Things Up a Bit and Start Living

Shake Things Up a Bit and Start Living

Hello all and welcome to “Waiting For Mitzi”, the title says it all. I feel like I have always been waiting on the “perfect” conditions or timing to do the things I truly love or have a passion about. Out of necessity and frustration, this woman decided it was time to shake things up a bit and start living!

In an industry that thrives on perfection, I have always been waiting to have the “perfect” house to have a party, waiting on the “perfect” husband to build the picture frame family, the “perfect” children to go in that family photo frame, the “perfect” body to wear the clothes I adored…well, guess what? ” Perfect” never happened and never will…but LIFE is what happened and it was time to embrace the adventure.

Join me in my journey through design, fashion, cuisine and culture and everything in between. We are destined to learn a few things along the way and have a lot of laughs.

Thank you for being a part of my life and helping to write my story!

Love & Light,