Meet Mitzi

Mitzi Richards is a Greenville, South Carolina based interior designer with a zest for life and an eye for style. Born and raised in the South, Mitzi was encouraged by her mom and dad to always dream big and be insatiably curious about the world around her.

As a result of that early encouragement, Mitzi learned to have a passion for many things, from fashion, art, and music to the simple joys found in nature, good food and good friends. Her passion drives her style sense and has made Mitzi the designer she is today – one who seamlessly combines gracious style with modern trends and a touch of whimsy. The result is a home imbued with approachable elegance and vitality.

Before founding her namesake firm, Mitzi specialized in model home merchandising and design for top builders for 20 years and designed for individual and commercial clients that span South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.

Mitzi’s personal style ranges from the bohemian to the refined, but when it comes to her clients, she lets their styles do the talking. Mitzi listens to her clients and really gets to know the way they live (or want to live) in their home and finds out what personally excites them. From that information she creates beautiful spaces layered with sumptuous textures and colors punctuated with unique pieces that represent the clients’ personal tastes and styles.

“I know I have done the job well when a client says, ‘I feel like this is home’.”

Mitzi Richards